What are the different technologies of inflatable mattresses?

A good mattress is key to a restful night’s sleep. The comfort of a good mattress is based on researched and worked technology. That’s why the Bestway inflatable mattresses offer comfort comparable to that of a real mattress. Do you know the various technologies of our extra beds?

AlwayzAire ™

AlwayzAire ™ inflatable beds have a double air pump with pressure sensors, an innovative patented technology that ensures perfect comfort. The sensors continuously measure the internal pressure of the mattress and maintain the desired level of firmness.

The silent pump automatically re-inflates the mattress when a change in pressure is noticed. The AlwayzAire ™ Comfort Choice inflatable bed offers three levels of firmness: soft, medium or firm. Enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested on a mattress that does not lose air during the night. When it’s time to put the mattress away, just press a button and it will deflate.

The deflation function stops automatically when the internal pressure reaches zero. The AlwayzAire ™ pump includes a very practical USB socket for recharging phones and tablets.

Fortech ™

Fortech ™ beds represent the future of inflatable bed technology. The innovative material offers unmatched strength, durability and comfort.

The combination of high-density polyester fabric and PVC creates a more resistant, but also lighter material. Fortech ™ is 150 times more resistant to scratches, 70% more resistant to damage caused by excessive swelling and 15% lighter than the same size PVC mattress.

Tritech ™

Tritech ™ is a material composed of 3 reinforced layers, with a polyester fiber core embedded in 2 layers of PVC laminated at very high pressure.

You can dream in peace with your new Tritech ™ bed: excellent firmness of the inflatable mattress, limited air loss during use, and more resistance to deformation than a conventional PVC mattress. Your bed will keep its shape and stay firm all night.

Your Tritech ™ mattress has a soft and welcoming sleeping surface, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It swells in minutes as soon as you want to go to bed.

Several options…

For each technology, we offer several options. The interior mattress and even exterior you will find one that suits your needs. In 2020, new products were studied and created to offer more comfort, such as the Tritech ™ WiFi mattress with an integrated electric pump. This “queen-size” mattress includes an integrated USB port but also a Smart Hub application that allows you to control your sleep with your fingertips. With this application, your smartphone is connected by WiFi to your mattress. You will no longer have to get up to adjust the level of firmness: you remain comfortably lying down while inflating or deflating your bed.

At Bestway, your comfort is our priority. We are constantly studying and testing several technologies so that your experience with our products is always better.

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