How to prepare your garden to accommodate your above ground pool?

Sunny days are almost here and you may be starting to think of a solution to keep everyone cool and above all have fun for the whole family. Our above ground pools are perfect for that! Simple and quick to assemble, they are available in several formats, sizes, and models to meet your needs.

But do you know how to prepare the space that will accommodate this pool? Here are our tips!

Define the perimeter

First of all, define the area in which the pool will be installed. To do this, use pegs and a thread for example. This will help you determine if this area needs work or not upstream.

Make sure the surface is suitable

Several factors should be checked before you start installing your above-ground pool, including:

  • Floor covering: either concrete or directly on the garden floor.
  • The surface must be flat and smooth to avoid any accident during installation. So make sure that the surface is free of any sharp object that could puncture the pool liner and that it is flat and without slope. If not, you will need to level the surface until it is 100% flat.

If you have chosen to install your swimming pool on the ground of your garden, it is preferable that the soil is composed of earth and sand.

You can also cut the grass at a very low level to make the soil suitable for mounting your above-ground pool.

Get a floor mat

Our pools are designed to withstand everything, but if you deem it necessary you can buy a floor mat that you can place under your pool to guarantee that nothing will scratch or puncture the surface of your pool.

There are different types of floor mats, different sizes and formats. You will certainly find the one you need!


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