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Best Hotel or campsite: which one is right for you?

Ah, the holidays! Some have dreamed of it since Christmas, others have been there and others are impatiently awaiting it. No matter what situation you are in, one thing is certain: your accommodation must be well chosen and thought out so as not to spoil the magic of the holidays. You can opt for a stay with your family or friends if cohabitation is your thing. Otherwise, you have other options such as accommodation rentals during the stay, hotels, campsites, etc … If you are undecided and still do not know what to choose for the next vacation, this article will help you!   

Hotel: like a king

If you are looking for a vacation without having to do anything, choose a hotel that offers many services. Room service, restaurant, mini-bar, television, entertainment, relaxation area among other services which may vary depending on the hotel. This will allow you to fully enjoy a moment of rest with great comfort.

Negative side: the price. Even if hotel prices vary according to location, city, country, period and classification, this type of accommodation remain a higher cost than camping for example.

We can also cite an ecological aspect. Hotels, unlike campsites, emit more greenhouse gases through their services, even if this is minimal compared to other activities, camping is an ecological activity thanks to the little electricity and water used by example.

Camping: a lifestyle

Although much cheaper and more ecological, camping is much more than an accommodation option but a lifestyle in its own right. Of course, there are several types of camping. From the simplest with a tent and a sleeping bag to the chicest which include motorhomes that are sometimes the size of an apartment. Here we focus more on wilderness camping.

You just need to invest in basic camping equipment, namely: a tent, a sleeping bag, a hiking bag, a few foldable chairs as well as a small dining table and a few kitchen utensils. Why not prepare a list of essentials for camping? You will see, it will always cost you less than a stay in a hotel.

Second positive point, you are in direct contact with nature. What better way to unwind and rebalance away from the city and everyday stress? You still have to keep in mind that camping is prohibited in certain areas, so before you go do your research.

Even if the campsite is equivalent to nature, which is equivalent to calm … think again! The location you have chosen for camping may be slightly “crowded”. If you are looking for peace and want to be alone in the world for a few days, consider choosing an infrequent camping site to be sure not to meet other families or other groups.

Finally, it is impossible to know which is better because they are two different worlds. It remains for you to define what are your criteria of choice to choose correctly. Take into account your budget, your needs, and your vacation spot!  

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